bannewd Draw


I wanna cosplay!!
I can't finish any costume,why????!! TAT I feel is for that I have too much cosplays and I try to finish all on same time
I will finish Lavi's cosplay this week,and cosplay this weekend...

but I have time for draw XD↓


agito/akito will be my next cosplay =U= so happy~


so,this weekend maybe I will be in Japanese Garden( o jardin japones no se como escribirlo XD,suena raro en ingles no?) en la jornada del manga y anime,
whatever I can't wait,I hope will be right(all)



Old draw on PC with PAINT haha (maybe 2 years) that day I was so bored =_=


I know that is too bad...ORZ
some people told me..."oh he is KIYOHARU!!",they love to see me suffer TAT
and I say "the copies are not too bad"
*defend to the death* XD

I think I never will leave to admire to he,and his voice,you know,feels like FOREVER

016↓Mukuro (draw)

last night,I tried draw to mukuro
use as a model a cosplayer, (as I said before if I don't copy I can't draw bodies)
I think the worst of the drawing is the face, not is like him(or the cosplayer), looks like a yakuza. haha
but I like the body .xD

mukuro rokudo


and I had a problem when I tried to fix her face,the eraser stained my drawing *tsk*

015↓Kyo (draw)

I think I'm good at drawing,
But if i try to do original character, i get deformed(about body) XP
so i have to take drawing classes xD.

kyo draw

here I leave an old draw of kyo(not scanner *tsk*), my platonic love haha
not well done, I think that looks like Ruki (the GazettE)-tsk *
but have his essence(?) XD

hope like xP~~
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