bannewd 201003

009↓Are you male or female? both XD

are you male or female? both

we just have a life,right?
even if you are male or female
then,why a person can not be different about your genre?
and if you do,call you weird... in these times should be normal,no?
these people ask, why you dress like that? or,why trying to be something you're not?
my answer me,not import if a person is male or female,a person is a person,all think different,and we have a different outlook on life and what we are.
and we can dress and look like we want

just be free


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█ •Place→ Argentina
█ •Birthday→ 23-08
█ •Addictions→ jrock♪ /VK/
manga&anime / COSPLAY / Yaoi/
Asian Culture / BL-GameS(Nitro+CHIRAL) and more...

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