bannewd 006↓waaa! xD

006↓waaa! xD

oh I don't know what put. Haha XD
well...example. u_u
I found a hibird ,look. xDDDDDDDD
ok no, have a blog is difficult .= o =
I upload a picture of me?. see ...


oh yes I could, I had something to say ...
ah yes I want to join the street team for LM.C = u = but not anyone conosco
and the truth I am not very sociable ¬ _ ¬ I mean if do not speak me I don't speak XDD
I have no topics of conversation = o = and sometimes I look bad to people without realizing XDDD, well,someone give me advice, although no one comes to here XD
then ... I will do LM.C come on my own I will kidnap Aiji, and Maya is coming to rescue him and that is my CHANCE xDDDD
uhh ~ I'm delirious,

sorry for my bad english haha xD

see you!



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█ •Place→ Argentina
█ •Birthday→ 23-08
█ •Addictions→ jrock♪ /VK/
manga&anime / COSPLAY / Yaoi/
Asian Culture / BL-GameS(Nitro+CHIRAL) and more...

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